Taylor Made Success has created many algorithm systems that provide automatic reports for your customer data list. We generate the highest quality and accuracy for our lead lists to improve your return on investment.

We are constantly analyzing our data to insure the most accurate qualifications to meet your company’s needs.

Our Databases are updated on a weekly basis to insure it’s accuracy.

Many data suppliers do not provide you with list selects as Taylor Made Success does and this is included in the price. Our selects include:

100+ Demographic Selects
75+ Interest Selects
60+ Behavior Selects
40+ Buying Habit Selects
40+ Mortgage Selects

Data List Types

National Consumer Lists
With over 200 million consumers and 125 million households, this data provides endless opportunities. Our data provides you with State, City, Neighborhood, Household and Individual level and Demographics along with Lifestyle filters to target your leads how you want.

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Specialty Lists
Need something different catered to your needs? We can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Whether it be a New/Used Auto List, Vehicles List, Luxury List, Email List or Biz Opp List, we can provide you with exactly what you are you looking for. All of our leads come through a capture page with demographics that provide you with the details you need to benefit from.
Ailment Lists
Taylor Made Success provides data lists with different illnesses, diseases or ailments with over 60 million records available and over 100 ailments.
Hispanic Lists
Our Spanish speaking Hispanic Database List is over 10 Million contacts.

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Foreign Lists
Looking for specific types of Foreign Lists, we an provide mostly any type.

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Auto Lists
Looking to target automobile owners across the United States. Our CASS Verified new and used auto lists include vehicles such as SUVs, Cars, Trucks, but we have motorcycles and boats as well in our lists. This mailing list is ideal for warranty offers, financial services, insurance offers, aftermarket accessories and more.

Taylor Made Success obtains over 187 million records with the following info

Consumer Auto Motorcycle Boating
Date of Birth Year Year Make & Year
Gender Class Make Length & Size
Marital Status Fuel Type Style Type
Income Code Make & Model Propulsion
Age Manufacturer Fuel
Phone Number Use
Home Value Hull Material & Shape
Business Lists
Our B2B Data Lists are frequently updated a few times a year and we have over 25 Million verified businesses.

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Donors Lists
Our CASS certified Donors Data List is extremely accurate with people whom have made over $15 donations and up to $100. Updated weekly and over 4 million contacts in our database.

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Mortgage Lists
Our targeted Mortgage Lists provides you with the opportunity to specify FICO Scores, household earnings, loan amounts and some mortgage info.

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New Homeowners Lists
New Homeowners Lists can be a great way to increase your revenue because most of them are very credit worthy, stable and have more income than the average person. Our New Home-Owner lists are updated weekly because the best time to contact them is immediately after they purchase their home.

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Movers Lists
This New Mover List is updated weekly with over 2 million records added each month. There are a numerous amount of opportunities with this list.

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