What is a data list?

This is a list generated from sources, behavior, buying habits and qualified lead generation forms.

How often is SEO performed?

It should be done on a regular basis, but initial campaigns should allow enough time to be spend to get the major factors in place to maintain or work can be spread out too long and not give the quickest reaction. It’s all about budget and the more that can be put in the beginning the better.

What is Meta Content?

This is something the search engines see and crawl through on the websites done within the backend of the website to react with the content on the site. This takes a lot of research and if done incorrectly it can make a drastic difference with traffic on your website.

How long does SEO take?
Some keyword terms may take as quickly as one month depending on competition levels and others may take years if the term is highly competitive. SEO takes time because the search engines need to know you deserve to be there and once they see the consistency and reduced bounce rates you will notice the traffic increase more and more.
What does SEO mean?

It’s many different factors including altering meta content, content on the website, research, social activity, page titles, image titles, link building and more.

What does SEO stand for?

Search Engine Optimization