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Buy TV Commercial Air TimeDid you know that local TV add campaigns can cost you as little as $2,500 to $5,000? Ideal for both small and large businesses alike, TV add campaigns have been a staple in the marketing and advertising world for generations. Even better, local and national airtime based add campaigns are still one of, if not the best way for businesses to reach new customers. Moreover, what a lot of businesses don’t realize is that commercial airtime is actually increasingly affordable.

At Taylor Made Success, we can secure your next TV add campaign airtime everywhere from Comedy Central to ESPN without you having to worry about breaking the bank. Likewise, although it’s no secret that more and more people are approaching major TV networks with commercials for their products, Taylor Made Success has a great working relationship with almost all the network big hitters. Providing your commercial is able to pass your chosen TV networks technical and legal standards, Taylor Made Success is therefore your №1 choice when it comes to choosing a dedicated and professional airtime partner.

Okay So How Do I Get Started?

TV-Commercial-AirtimeFirst thing’s first though, just like you expect quality airtime, our network partners expect quality add material. Aside after all, from just the legal and technical content of the commercial which you want to air, networks care about the overall aesthetics of your add. In fact, just like you want your commercial to look good on ESPN, networks like ESPN want their viewers to rest assured that ESPN only airs real quality material, even during their network message time. Because of this, it’s absolutely essential to have your commercial pre-screened.


With Taylor Made Success, we will therefore pre-screen your commercial for a one off $99. Our experts will then give you an evaluation of whether they feel that your material is realistically ready for airtime and if so which of the main networks it might be in your interest to secure that air time with.

Taylor Made Success – Honesty’s Our Professional Priority

Lets just be clear though, neither Taylor Made Success or any airtime agency can guarantee that your commercial will bring you the return on investment that you are hoping it might. Moreover, your advertising budget matters. Bigger budgets equal more and often better airtime slots than smaller ones. However, as a rule, no business should ever spend more than 10% of it’s gross profits on any kind of advertising or marketing effort.

Taylor Made Success – What You Get & Why We’re Better Than Our Competitors

  • Air Anywhere! Taylor Made Success can get you airtime literally anywhere, anytime.
  • No Long Term Contracts We absolutely won’t lock you in to an on going billing cycle. Rather, we’ll let you pay as you go with your advertising project.
  • Low Cost Airtime Research Your commercial passed our pre-screening? Great! Now you need to figure out where and when will be best to try and air it. At Taylor Made Success we therefore offer the lowest cost airtime research which you will find advertised anywhere.

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Taylor Made Success is committed to making your airtime dreams a reality. If you have a product, we want to help you get that product airtime. In this case contact us today for a free initial consultation and lets start talking about how to get your dream campaign off the ground finally.